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Bokken and Sword Training

The guys training with wooden swords (Bokken) and metal swords.

Brawl Video – Self Defence Lessons

This brawl video shows some good self defence lessons. Chest pushing -> wild punching -> shirt,hair,standup grappling -> ground grappling ie Muay Thai -> Wrestling -> BJJ. But that you don’t want to get stuck grappling – someone else can then come and punch/kick you in the head…

Lot’s of people were hurt, but imagine if improvised weapons (beer bottles, bricks) had been used – even worse… :-( And like most fights, any of them could have just “counted to 10″ and walked away – always the best approach :-)

Balintawak Arnis – Charging Attacks

Learning Arnis is great, but what do you do when someone is running at you swinging a weapon? Here we’re practising charging – both attacking and defending. We’re still getting the hang of it, so we’re going slowly and counting out the number of steps we take.

Train with us – Sydney Stick Fighting

Training with Baseball Bats

At Sydney Stick Fighting we train with a variety of weapons – knives, sticks, staffs and even baseball bats!

Balintawak Video

Another Balintawak video – John Russell and I doing knife training. If you’re interested in learning, join Sydney Stick Fighting.

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