ZFS List Snapshots, Create and Destroy Clones

I’m using FreeNAS for my storage at home, liking it a lot. But the web interface can get rather slow when searching for snapshots, as always the shell is faster.

Some notes for me on listing ZFS snapshots, and creating and destroying clones.

cd /mnt/vol01/bjj
zfs list -t snapshot | grep bjj | grep -v vobs
zfs clone vol01/bjj@auto-20131214.12d vol01/bjj/auto-20131214.12d
cd auto-20131214.12d

# after recovery tasks, umount snapshot
cd /mnt/vol01/bjj
umount auto-20131214.12d
rmdir auto-20131214.12d

# usually want to umount not destroy, as a
# destroy may cascade delete other dependent snapshots
zfs destroy vol01/bjj/foo
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