Golang – profiling libraries and GoSNMP for SNMP

There is already a great article on Profiling Go Programs. However that article only discusses how to profile a standalone binary – what about a library?

For example, I’ve been working on the GoSNMP SNMP library, here’s how I profiled it (it wasn’t obvious):

# produce cpu profiling information from the tests - this part was well documented
% go test -cpuprofile cpu.out

# compile the test binary to pkg.test but do not run it (from `go help test`)
# this part wasn't obvious
% go test -c

# now run pprof using `go teste -c` output
# using gosnmp.test - this part wasn't obvious
% go tool pprof gosnmp.test cpu.out

Doing a memory profile was similar:

% go test -memprofile mem.out
% go test -c
% go tool pprof gosnmp.test mem.out

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2 Responses to Golang – profiling libraries and GoSNMP for SNMP

  1. Thx. for this tip , saved me heaps of time of trial&error

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