GoSnmp – SNMP for GoLang

Today I released soniah/gosnmp – an update of alouca/gosnmp.

Many, many thanks to Andreas Louca for writing alouca/gosnmp. The major difference between his version and soniah/gosnmp is that the latter has tests written. (However the code could do with refactoring). The tests were used to find and correct errors in the following SNMP BER Types:

  • Counter32
  • Gauge32
  • Counter64
  • OctetString
  • ObjectIdentifier
  • IpAddress

Also, this version contains functions for treating the returned snmp values as *big.Int (convenient, as SNMP can return int32, uint32, and uint64 values)



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2 Responses to GoSnmp – SNMP for GoLang

  1. Hi,

    this is really a nesessary & nice library. thanks alot!

    i wonder if there is any MIB parsing/using code for nicer OIDs? How do you use the library without? Just giving the OIDs as numbers is so ugly with SNMP. Did i miss something or do you have a hint to solve this?

    regards, m

  2. I would like to know which library to use. gsnmpgo or gosnmp?

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