Ubuntu Minimal + Xmonad

I’m tired of Ubuntu’s latest desktop mess offering (Unity). I’ve been trying lots of DE’s (Desktop Environments) and WM’s (Window Managers), and I’ve finally settled on one I luuuuurv – Xmonad.

On my next laptop build I was thinking of moving to Debian Netinst, but I like the Ubuntu ppa system. So my next laptop install will be Ubuntu Minimal + Xmonad; will also me a good motivation for learning Haskell.

I’d looked Cinnamon and Gnome3 (more of the same), KDE (bleh – still looks like Windows 98), Fluxbox and XFCE. Then this great article about Joey Hess (original writer of the db_* debhelper tools) pointed me to Xmonad.

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2 Responses to Ubuntu Minimal + Xmonad

  1. Nice to see some people are using tiling. I’ve been working the last months with Openbox, it’s pseudo tiling but works pretty fine for me.

    On the other hand, I’d like to try i3wm. Looks pretty nice. I’d strongly recommend to anybody using more than one monitor any windows manager using either tiling or pseudo tiling. It boosts my productivity.

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