Vim Buffers Cheatsheet

A small Vim Buffers cheatsheet:

:bu <tab>    - select a buffer
:buN         - select buffer N
:ls          - list buffers
:sb tab      - split screen on another buffer
:sbN         - split screen on buffer N
:only        - make this the only buffer (ie maximise)
^w^o         - make this the only buffer (ie maximise)
:ball        - split screen on all buffers
:hide        - hide this buffer
:bdel        - remove buffer from list

Vim buffers don’t seem as flexible as the Emacs equivalent, but then nothing is as flexible as Emacs:

Xkcd Emacs

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4 Responses to Vim Buffers Cheatsheet

  1. Emacs is an OK editor. It’s real strength is as an OS though… ;)

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