Migrating from Palm to Android

My venerable Palm Treo 550 is showing it’s age (as is the company), so I’ve been looking for a new phone platform to migrate to for a few years. And since I’m now working for Google, Android is the obvious choice (dog-fooding and all that).

Some tricks and tools I’ve find useful in my migration from Palm to Android:

  • Synthesis SyncML clients are great for syncing to a SyncML server. Not $free like Funambol, but Synthesis has nice extra things like syncing of memos.
  • for a SyncML server I’m using Memotoo. I could’ve setup my own SyncML server, but at $5/month Memotoo is cheap, and I know it works…
  • on the Android Market there’s a Keyring client, thus enabling me to bring across my Palm Treo Keyring (full of Secret Squirrel Stuff, like passwords for servers, etc). I’m yet to work out how I’m going to back this up, but probably something with Memotoo

So, I’m using SyncML clients on my Treo and Android to sync up to Memotoo, keeping both in sync. Memotoo gives me a nice desktop that sort of replaces the JPilot desktop (so I can type stuff in at a real keyboard and sync it to my phones). Shweeeet, I’m almost migrated!


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2 Responses to Migrating from Palm to Android

  1. Former Palmer

    Late to respond, but I think I found an app that does what you want. I, too, was a long-time palm user and couldn’t face making the switch to a smartphone. I researched like crazy until I found this app called B-Folders. I was able to just *import* all of my memos (over 1,200) and contacts from Palm desktop (no re-keying).

    Since 1994 I’d been using some form of Palm device – I had a LOT of data and a lot of familiarity, but I wanted to get rid of “contact” duplication and add the phone/texting/email options to my “Palm” system. I didn’t want my stuff on “the cloud” – I’d run an encrypted program to store my passwords on Palm (and on my MacBook Pro) and I didn’t want to give up that security just to have everything in one place.

    I actually shopped for a palm-type application before committing to my smartphone. Finding a “Graffiti” app for Android began the process, and also took the iPhone out of the running even though my laptop is a MacBook Pro. Finding B-Folders nailed my decision: This was exactly what I was looking for. And after installation (and now after over a year of daily use), I have never had a moment’s disappointment.

    I looked at Memento, too – but it just didn’t do what I wanted. I wanted *everything* in one app, with one sync, not on the cloud. B-Folders has really been able to do that (besides its easy, mistake-proof migration).

    And it’s better than PalmOS in its customizations: no limits on “number of categories” or “number of characters in the category’s name” – everything is *very* open-ended. And the development seems to continue – with free updates being released often. It works equally well for business and home applications and easy backups provide the best security – especially when I’ve never had to use them!!.

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